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Oman Announces No Visa for 103 Countries

Oman Announces No Visa for 103 Countries

On the 9th of December 2020, the Government of Oman spoke about tourist facilities in the country. After the decision by the government, Police of Oman declared that the government would exempt nationals of 103 exempted for ten days. By which these 103 countries won’t get tourist support.

The entry can be possible only under certain circumstances and conditions, which will include:

  •  The reservation of the hotel must be booked or reserved before the entrance to the country.
  • The passenger must confirm health insurance.
  • The passenger or tourist must have return tickets.

According to the Fiscal plan of 2020-2024, this move will encourage the tourists to visit the country. The visit will boost the economy and tourism sector of Oman. The government is trying not to depend more on the revenues that hydrocarbon companies generate. That could affect the economy by 1.4 billion Omani Riyal. The government of Oman wants to increase revenues of non-oil reserves. That is why Oman Announces “No Visa” policy for the citizens of 103 countries.

Countries that have valid six-months of a passport can apply. These countries include 71 nationals of other countries.

The countries that can enter Oman without applying for Visa area 5 countries of the gulf cooperation council. People who belong to New Zealand can join and stay for around three months.

The list of countries are for those Oman announces No Visa :

European American     Others Arab Countries
Sweden Venezuela Thailand Egypt
Norway Chile Japan Jordan
Croatia Argentina Lebanon  Tunisia
Italy Bolivia India Algeria
Austria Brazil Maldives Mauritania
Ukraine Colombia Albania
Belgium Ecuador Hong Kong
Denmark Surinam China
Luxembourg Uruguay Azerbaijan
Netherlands Paraguay Uzbekistan
Latvia Tajikistan
Ireland Honduras
Monaco Mexico
Cyprus Armenia
Finland Malaysia
Iceland Taiwan
Spain Turkey
Germany Bhutan
Moldova Singapore
Britain Ghana
Romania Peru
Czech republic Cuba
Estonia Laos
Bulgaria Iran
Switzerland South Korea
Greece  Turkmenistan
Malta South Africa
Vatican Vietnam,

Oman Announces No Visa for 104 countries, all citizens can apply through a proper way.


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