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What a Trip that was!

What a trip that was ! Whenever I am relaxing with my friends and family and we share our travel experiences, many times we say what a trip it was. I have done many trips with my family, friends and even solo. Each time I have had experiences which I haven’t had previously. Each time I have come back I feel I have been enriched with knowledge and power.

The three parts of Peru!

Yet again I am going to share about what a trip it was to Peru. Peru is vast. It’s almost impossible to cover Peru in a short time. Peru’s largest Lima on the coast, the Andes on one side and the Amazon on the other. I was not willing to leave any of these or do with an incomplete Peru trip. I had planned beforehand and I knew I was to be here to complete the trip.

Various people will tell you what a trip it was to Peru and came up with different plans and travel structure when visiting Peru. There are various travel contracts which you can place or you may like me plan your own travels and later boast what a trip it was!

The star layout

Two of my  favorite places to be in are Machu Pichu and the sacred valley. Machu Pichu is a well visited travelers destination. The Incan citadel is a paradise. The rock setting in the mountains reveals the settings of the stars. The Inca Trek Route is worth trying however rather are other trek routes which are less touristy but no less of the oomph factor!

The core of Inca at Cusco

If you want to be at the heart of the Inca civilization then Cusco is the place to be. 3700 meters above sea level Cusco is overloaded with 16th century Spanish culture vibes. The sacred valley trek routes from Cusco is another recommendation so that you like me can say what a trip it was!

Arequipe is the 2nd largest City in Peru and its lesser known natural reserve is worth your time and energy. I started my day with a hearty breakfast and a lot of energy to walk through the desert-like region with local animals and to walk through the wetland to see variety of birds.

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