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Velvet escape

Velvet escape is an award winning travel blog that is a visual treat for the travel readers. It consists of  various destination guides, travel itineraries, hotel and resort reviews and so many interesting travel stories to help with your travel experiences.  All of this and more with a luxurious touch.

It is a luxury travel blog that takes readers onto a whole new zone. 

Velvet escape is a blog that was found by an Amsterdam based corporate and banking manager. He left his successful career to pursue his love and passion for travelling.

 What makes velvet escape different from other blogs is that although it is like any other blog sharing travel experiences, it goes far and beyond sharing five star reviews. It’s all about sharing people’s love for travel, the adventures, the food, the meeting of locals, the language, the unwinding and enjoyment all with the aim to foster the same for readers. It is started to inspire people and instill the same curiosity in them which will help them take the same road.

I totally enjoy reading about luxury travel. My incessant love for travel and visiting luxury hotels and restaurants just gets twofold. At velvet escape, I’m almost lost in another world while I read about the blissful experiences shared by bloggers in their stayovers and travelling journeys. Velvet escape is now a new favorite of mine to read as it contains beautiful experiences of travel to places that are unexplored. It truly feels like a very beautiful escapade reading out stories of other travelers. 


Velvet escape features some of the finest hotels and eateries around the globe. It contains several blogs where the travelers explore different regions and their food specialty. They travel across various places in the quench to fulfill their wanderlust itch and try out new adventures which they haven’t before.

It’s all about living a life where you go places, find out what’s best about each place and do the exact same in that place. Now that’s what we call a dream life. At velvet escape, travelers share their exciting journey about their experiences while being at it.

It has won multiple awards including being featured in BBC travel, New York Times, Lonely planet and National geographic traveler.

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