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Uncornered market | the quest to travel the world

Uncornered market is a travel and adventure blog that is also focused primarily on saving the planet.

The blog is developed to instill adventure curiosity among people. The blog is all about adventures, travel and tourism development, story telling and sharing travel experiences.

The founders of Uncornered market consists of two people who are husband and wife, with the love and passion for exploring the world. Dan and Audrey who are originally from the United States, based in Berlin but are world-bound.

They started out their journey by leaving their full time jobs and left to Prague. Reason? They wanted to explore the world.

Everyone around them thought they were crazy. Their craze for travelling and exploring the world was real. Five years down the lane, again they left Prague for a creative sabbatical.

This allowed them to turn this sabbatical into a real time business. They turned their passion for travelling into a lifestyle and shared all of that through this blog called Uncornered market.

Now the couple, actual founders of Uncornered market live in Germany, where their passion turned into business allows them take projects that bring them to all the corners of the world.

Uncornered market consists of amazing reads that I enjoy. As a blogger myself, I love reading travel blogs that give me insights on different locations. The coolest thing about Uncornered market is that, they provide sustainable and community driven destinations and products. It helps travellers connect with meaningful and joyous experiences.

As a blog, Uncornered market offers several exciting options in terms of trekking guides, food guides, destinations, sustainable tourism and so much more.

The blog also emphasizes on personal development as the couple is focused towards helping people in this aspect. As the blog also serves for saving and caring for the planet, it provides some great insights on travelling during the Covid pandemic situation.

From food guides that tell you how cheap you can get food in a destination to providing packing and travelling tips and hottest travel destinations, this travel blog covers it all. I have found this wonderful blog as one of the most useful travel guide so far.

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