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Tourist 2 Townie

Tourist 2 Townie is such a wonderful blog. A very unique and one of its kind that I have ever encountered while reading travel blogs.

It talks about a regular guy doing his thing while he is not satisfied with it. He leaves everything and goes in search of substance and his purpose. He finds his purpose in travelling and in exploring different regions of the world and incorporating that lifestyle as his own.

While I read about his blog, I was absolutely floored by the kind of passion people have for travelling and doing extra ordinary things. Inspired would be a small word for me compared to what I felt while I scrolled through the about section in the tourist 2 Townie blog.

He described tourist and Townie into two separate definitions. As a tourist, he wants to do fun things like exploring the place, enjoying the foreign food, dancing with exotic women as he mentions which is the beautiful part about travel.

While on the other hand he wants to live in that place, learn the speciality of that particular place and be known among people as one of them. His perspective on life is so refreshing.

I am so truly thrilled to be reading this amazing travel blog about an enthusiastic traveler who is different from other travelers as he is not just a tourist but he has a story that revolves around him from being a tourist to a Townie.

Reading travelling blogs brings about so much clarity to what kind of places you want to visit. It instills positivity in you while you read about other people’s journeys from being nothing to finding and doing something.

Tourist 2 Townie is one such exemplary blog that I will always have my heart and soul attached to. We don’t find people like this often with an unending quench to discover themselves. They are unstoppable and they go beyond their measures to accomplish those goals through travelling and exploring new places and making a living while they are at it.

I would happily and freely like to say that Tourist 2 Townie has to be my most favorite of all the blogs I follow.



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