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Time Travel Turtle and Me

If you have been reading me for long now you would know by now that I am a budget traveler. Some of my well wishers call me time travel turtle as I travel a lot but very meticulous and slow when it comes to planning the itinerary. Since I spend tons of time on research many of my travelers friends and family request me to share my planning with them. Later on, a few months back when I attended a travelers group, I found that many have taken up a  part time extra income source by sharing their travel plans on various apps and websites which allows one to make money by sharing their travelogues.

How I saved up money for my trips ?

Since my friends had tagged me to the tag time travel turtle, I thought  I should share my plans on one such app to earn some extra bucks and fund my travels later on with them. Some I took the leap and shared my planning of Vietnam and it was quite a hit!

Ahh! So here is not an itinerary but some insight on Vietnam for you 

Time travel turtle and that’s me ! I thought to myself Thailand was too common and choked with tourists but southeast Asia is too gorgeous to be missed, so where should I go! I started my research when the light shone down up Vietnam and I was off

Time travel turtle to see this breathtaking southeast Gem

Until very recently Vietnam has remained off the radar of tourists. The untouched beach , the vibrant culture, the street food of the Vietnamese has not been explored. I began exploring from the north to the southern region and began with Hanoi. The modern history, the museums, the street food are some major attractions of Hanoi

If you do not want to miss the beaches then next you can plan to move to Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is popular and you cannot expect it to be empty. It is quite a touristic area. Another offbeat ad must visit is Nihn Binh. The limestone rocks with river in between them is truly a beauty of Vietnam.

Vietnam is a budget country to visit it with loads of unexpected places to visit.


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