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The Expeditioner

It was my dream to meet an expeditioner until I met one in Lahore in 2020. It was a sunny day of July when I decided to go to Karachi for my University test. I reached Daewoo terminal an hour earlier as my house was 7km away from the terminal upon reaching there I came to know that bus will be one hour late. So, I was sitting in waiting lounge until a guy in long coat with cap, fully loaded with small bags. I asked myself “Is he a traveler” He came and sat with me.

Now, I asked him about his profession he replied that he is an expeditioner. I said to myself “Finally! Met one” I started to asked him about where is he going. He replied that he is going to Baluchistan for some research on fossils and coins. I told him that it was my dream to meet an expeditioner, upon hearing he grinned.

He told me about his project on which he and his team are doing research. Upon asking him to elaborate more, He said there is a dinosaur specie called Pakisaurus which is named after Pakistan as its fossils were discovered in Baluchistan. He and his team are doing research on its fossils. I was amazed as I didn’t know that a dinosaur is named after Pakistan.

That’s the reason I love such people as we learn unique things from them. They can be good source of knowledge for many people who have interest in such type of things.

He then showed me some old coins which he discovered there back in 2014. He said he sold 12 coins for Rs.600,000 and have few left. They were covered in dust which was hard as a rock, which if removed by force can damage coin structure. It is removed by some chemicals.

I wanted to talk more but 2 hours passed like a second. The bus arrived I thanked him for giving his precious time and then I took my bus to Karachi, and he took his to Baluchistan for his research. 


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