Terms & Conditions:

The terms and conditions allow foreignway.com to administer the user’s access including any services or contents. Users are required to read the terms and conditions carefully before using the site. Once the terms and conditions are accepted, services are made available; users are bound to the terms and conditions of foreignway.com. Clients have to agree and abide by these terms and policies. The users are requested not to access the site if terms of conditions and policy services are unacceptable.

The consumer support group are available twenty four hours. The queries are answered immediately especially regarding terms and conditions as well as privacy policy.

The policy of foreignway.com may change occasionally. Any changes made to the policy will be uploaded on the site itself.  The changes made on policy will be on effect on the “last updated” date.  The consent of any consumer for such changes is sought on the terms and conditions of Foreignway in advance. Henceforth clients are requested to stay updated on policies for any changes.

Some important points:

  • Foreignway.com can only be used by registered members. Registrations are free of charges. However, consumers have to be of legal age in order to use this site.
  • In order to create any order, buyers must pay in advance to Foreignway.
  • Orders can be purchased either through order button or via custom offer.
  • Sellers are required to complete their orders. They cannot terminate orders regularly or without any reason. Cancellation of any order will have influence on retailer’s status.
  • Sellers can gain advanced levels by administrating their owners with various benefits and also through reputation and performance.
  • Users are required to accept or pay the charges only via foreignway.com.

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