Privacy of every user is very important for foreignway. We never advertise or rent any private information to any other parties without consent of the user for any marketing purposes. We share no information other than what one wants to buy or sell, share, post reviews and payment for orders. Any information chosen by users to share such as photographs, videos, reviews or music is no longer confidential. Any information shared with third party is always voluntarily given with the consent of client. Some of the technical information such as IP address or browser information is automatically gathered on foreignway site. The gathered up information aides the consumer to have better and personalized browsing experience. Any technical knowledge gained on the system or on third party systems can be used for content endorsement, optimization, site procedure and analytics. It may also be used to enhance individual’s experience. In agreement with the local bylaw, information provided by the users can be used to contact them personally. It will be used for providing updates on individual’s activities, promotional offers and general information and updates. However other people including any seller or purchaser can contact the user only through general information provided on the profile of the client. Adequate securities will be provided by foreignway to protect individual private information so that consumers can enjoy using the site anywhere. One can always exercise their rights over personal and private information by selecting customer relation ticket. All relevant information must be provided in consumer ticket for proper management of any issue.

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