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Practical Nomad – a practical guide for your travel trips.

The Practical Nomad is a best selling book by author Edward Hasbrouck. It takes about dreams, fulfilling those dreams and going on year long vacations. In short it’s all about travel, serving as a travel guide.

Besides it gives ample information on airfares, travel planning and guidelines.  The reason it is a best seller is that, the book as the name suggests is a practical guide on travelling. It doesn’t boast of any fancy travelling ideas or unrealistic travel goals. Rather it is a complete guide that is practical to achieve for new travelers or even those travelled before.

I found the book quite interesting and especially the titbits of information shared in the form travelers of advice. But certain parts of the practical Nomad I feel is going to over prepare the. Travelling is all about having fun, taking breaks and rejuvenation but taking too many cautions can sometimes take away the fun.

But the book is a comprehensive guide on what to bring and what not to, what transportation to use in which country and so on. These are the points that are gonna come in handy for travelers.

Most of the times, when we plan a trip we only think of packing all essentials. Very often we do not care to research about the stuff that we must do when we are on board. The practical nomad is all about helping travelers with this information so they can make the best use of their travel journey.

The practical nomad is a practical guide to preparing you for your travel journeys. Most information which you do not have prior regarding a country, you will find it all in this 720 pages book. The book is a must read not only for aspiring travelers but also those who are already avid travelers and even those who haven’t travelled much. 

The book is well written with a lot of resources for travelers going on a long journey. It has some great tips covered on making travel arrangements, travel planning techniques and some great travel insights.



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