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Planning an Escape to Leave your Daily Hell

The daily monotonous life needs a break. So, if you are thinking to leave your daily hell you can get some ideas which I have curated for the best experiences. These are some destinations which I had recently visited. So, whether you are deciding to travel alone or with your family these places can be your best choices. While curating this list for you to leave your daily hell I have kept one major focus, that being Budget. The list of places which you will be see below are planned excluding the air fares.

Olá Portugal – Europe has been on my wish board. The romantic language and the warm weather has been pulling me to visit Portugal. Fish, wine, sea view and good music is enough to forget your daily tensions of mundane life. Lison, Portuguese Riviera are popular destinations people choose when they decide to holiday in Portugal. The cities are quite international and the cost of food, travel and accommodation is always within budget.

Istanbul – if you want to have enough of two continents at the same time , Istanbul is the right choice. Istanbul is a melange of the eastern and western world. The perfect amalgamation and inclusive mentality of Istanbul has made it quite a hotspot. But worry not hotspots do not always mean on high budget. From street food to exotic hotels you can choose what you want according to your budget.

South East Asia-  Thailand has been another hot cake! Budget, beauty, adventure all in one. If you do not wish to visit overcrowded Bangkok or Phuket as everyone, then Thailand has its un exhausted list of virgin islands which are equally or even more mesmerizing. Koh Tao being one such. Thailand has been many times unknowingly blamed for not being family or kids friendly but the myth has been busted.  So leave your daily hell and enjoy some quality time with family or even within yourself .

How to save money while travelling?

Sudden bookings punch a hole in the wallet. Avoid it ! Whenever I dream of holidaying I always book much in advance. Compare deals – there are various deals which might come to sight. Be patient and go through the deals thoroughly as many times.

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