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Nomadic Notes – the Journey of Life through Travel

Nomadic notes is a travel blog featuring travel tips, hotels and resorts reviews, stay guides, travel by train and old school travel reports.

Nomadic notes also features some of the best travel reads around the world in their Friday newsletter. The newsletter subscription is a great idea coz it takes you to a new world. It can surely be considered as a travel fix during this covid era where travelling is restricted. And it surely is a great way to prep up while we wait for travel to get back to the normal.

At Nomadic notes as a blog, I find interesting reads such as finding cheap flights, travel booking websites, cozy cafes around places to explore and exploring the unexplored.

Nomadic notes is a blog by James Charles a travel enthusiast himself, who started travelling in 2003.  This love was ignited while running his travel independent business.

This blog is a great opportunity for him to write about his travel notes as he explores new places.  All in all, Nomadic notes is a great blog that is well documented in the form of travel notes.

It has some really great travel adventures where the traveler has explored so many unknown places. From scenic beaches to less explored south eastern regions, there is a lot to read about in this Nomadic notes blog.

The word nomadic has been described in its true essence while reading through the blog posts. Apart from writing wonderful travel stories, the blog also features interesting travel and tourism offers.

It regularly posts updates on the upcoming offers on travel and tourism, flight tickets, destinations to explore and so much more. It showcases the beauty of some of the best tourism hotspots across the south-east Asia and even around the world.

The blog posts are just so quirky and fun to read. With each passing month the blogger goes on a journey to different parts of the world. All of it documented beautifully in the form of travel notes. The name nomadic notes has been beautifully put together. It really emphasizes on how the nomad takes on the travel road.

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