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Nerd’s eye view to travelling the world.

We have all probably heard of Bird’s eye view. But have you heard of a Nerd’s eye view? Yes. A nerd’s eye view to travelling the world and exploring all that it has to offer. Isn’t it intriguing? Travel stories from a nerd’s eye view is an interesting take on journeys around the world 

Traveling is a means of finding meaning in life. For some it is a rejuvenation and taking a break from everyday monotony, and for some it is a way of finding humility and purpose in life. Travelling is exhilarating, it is refreshing and it allows us to see a broader perspective to life.

All in all, travelling is a great way to see how beautiful the world around us is. Nerd’s eye view is a blog on how travelling has made drastic changes on an individual’s life. 

To sum up, nerd’s eye view is all about a camera, passport, ukulele and her dog. These are her travel must haves along with her companion which is a dog. Together she sets out on journeys to explore the world and the unknown.

I have read all her blog posts and I must admit that they speak beyond words. The blog focuses not merely on travelling but the author has penned down each of her life stories. These stories are relatable and truly inspiring.

Besides, I have found some really great content on the blog with regards to travel writing. Be it a blog or a travelogue, penning down travel stories can sometimes be difficult. We do not know whether to include the little details or not. Either there’s too much to write or nothing at all.  

It has some great articles on how you can become a great travel writer. Travel writing is all about engaging readers to enjoy the journey you have traveled and further inspiring them to take the same route.

 The blog nerd’s eye view features posts and also an amazing book written by the author. It talks about her mysteries, travel journeys, teenage struggles, finding a purpose and an identity of your own.



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