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Must Try the New Combination of Camels & Chocolates

I was travelling from Europe to India and had a transit at Dubai, and I am sure you guessed what I did ! Yes, I took a 48 hours free transit visa at Dubai and was off to see Dubai. Dubai has invested a lot in the travel industry and has gained popularity in camels & chocolates . From the Burj Khalifa to the desert tour there is lots to do in Dubai, however I just had 48 hours. So, I curated my plan to choose the best and leave behind the rest for some other time.

The Morning Plans

Since I landed in Dubai early in the morning and had the morning to see Dubai before the Burj Khalifa, I decided to go for camels & chocolate hunting. No camels and chocolate is not different. With the increasing research on camel milk, it has been stated as camel milk being the healthiest and  has properties similar to that of human breast milk. So Dubai, having its innovation at its best , has brought in camel milk chocolates which is the  perfect combination for  health and taste.

Cannot Miss the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world and the most visited attraction of Dubai. How can you think I did not go! I am always on a tight budget when I am travelling and if you are also someone like me, then pre booking tickets is a must. I pre booked my ticket for the observatory deck well in advance. It therefore saved me money and time. I chose the evening slot as the sunset from the tower is a must see. If you are on a higher budget then I can suggest you a sunset from their VIP Lounge which is also a must see but at the same time pricey.

Is Camels & Chocolates and Burf Khalifa all in Dubai?

Of Course no ! While you cannot miss tasting camels & chocolates and the mesmerizing view from the deck, you also cannot miss the adrenaline rush at the car safari on the rugged dessert.


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