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Journey with the Wild Junket

Wild Junket is a travel blogger and adventure enthusiast with the wanderlust to travel across the world. She is a new mommy with the love for travelling the whole world. One country at a time.

Documenting the travel journey into blog posts is what this blogger enjoys. She is also an author of a book which talks about her incessant love for travel.

She considers herself a global citizen, rightly so, owing to the number of countries she has travelled across.  She got bitten by the travel bug as she calls it at the age of 18 where she happened to go for a student exchange program from her University. From then onwards, there was no stopping. The way the world looked changed entirely for her.

Like every other travel enthusiast, wild Junket blogger also enjoys exploring new cultures and describes travel as an opener and of a world of opportunities.  Connecting with people of different cultures often opens the eyes of every traveler, which is also the case with the wild Junket.

Taking on adventure and  travel is the way of life for the Wild Junket travel blogger. Backpacking and setting out on adventures to connect with outdoor places is the routine, and the way of enjoying life.

However the turning point for this blogger came when she started her blog Wild Junket. It’s when she built her Portfolio and a world of opportunities were thrown at her. The blog primarily was not just started to share travel stories, but to build a Portfolio. She started to spend time crafting her writing skills so she can have a better travel blog.

And today, with the determination and hard work she put into, the blog became a very popular resource online. Not only this but the blog is also a major source of income leading her to quit her teaching job. Now isn’t that a great story to hear?

The world has a lot to offer, and just like this awesome wild Junket blogger, every travel enthusiast must set out on journeys. Because we only have one life and we must experience what and how the world looks like before we die.

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