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E-visa Pakistan Facility, Extended to 16 more countries

On Tuesday, The Federal Cabinet approved the extension of the online visa facility that is now available for the residents of 16 more countries.

A review of the development that also wanted the cabinet’s endorsement had been sent to the Interior Ministry in this regard. Following the approval of E-visa Pakistan facility that was previously presented for 175 countries will now be available to 191 countries and will allow their residents to concern for online visas in different categories (Tourist visa, Business visa, Student visa etc).

A new revolutionary visa policy expected at encouraging tourism in the country at encouraging tourism in the country had been approved by the cabinet in January last year providing the E-visa Pakistan facility to 175 countries, and visas on arrival to the residents of 50 countries as well as Britishers of Indian-origins and American citizens holding American or UK passports.

On this occasion, Tour operators approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) were permitted to bring groups of tourists to Pakistan. It also made the procurement of work visas for business purposes suitable for the residents of 96 countries.

“This is the first step to open up the country as a NAYA PAKISTAN. The mindset of Pakistan is always: make it as difficult as you can to allowance anyone visa, “Prime Minister Imran Khan had said while launching E-visa Pakistan service in March last year. He also said that Pakistan’s image at that time could be assessed by the verity that President Ayub Khan during his state visit to the United State in 1961 was received at the airport by President John F. Kennedy himself.

He also said in 60s there was great poise and self-belief that Pakistan was moving up in the world at a pace faster than others and the world too saw and acknowledged that fact. Now in 70s a “socialist government” came and reversed the process (of growth and development). So our mindset changed in the 70s, whereby we thought of making money as a sin, “he continued.

He said that a politician at the time used to begin every speech by criticizing investors and landlords.



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