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Doing the Best to Avoid Hecktik Travel

The kind of job profile I am into , I end up travelling half of my month on the airplane for business meets and business whereabouts. I was always in a dash job previously which did not demand me to travel. So as soon as I moved to my new job , Hecktik travel has become synonyms to my lifestyle.  I have failed miserably when it came to planning such sudden trips. But now with my experiences and learnings I have mastered how to leave home for another flight in 2 hours! Just kidding 2 hours is not enough 🙂

Here are some Hecktik travel plans which can help you and save you from all mishandles on the last minute-

  • Stay calm – this is just another phase and it will pass away. But you need to stay calm. Having a strong nerve at this point will help you to plan and manage effectively.
  • A note pad, A pen and the internet – with the technology which we have been exposed to, why not make best use of it. Do your bit of research and note down all of it. Check the airport you will land on or the rail station your train is going to arrive. Check the weather for that day and for the upcoming days of your stay. This helps you to pack efficiently. If it states rain, you know what to do !
  • Check for the ticket booking well in advance if you have them – if you are flying then in order to avoid hassle at the airport , do a self check-in for best seats .
  • Check for hotel booking- See if you have a place to stay. Find out about the mode of transport which serves you best so that you are not running around the rail station or the airport for booking a cab or taking a bus
  • Since I travel for work I also keep in mind the office address I would be visiting during my trip. This saves me from shocks and keeps me well informed. I also try to keep up some local contacts in the arriving city in case of any emergency.


Information is a power tool. These simple tricks on Hecktik travel have helped me over the months to avoid pitfalls.


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