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Oman Announces No Visa for 103 Countries

Oman Announces No Visa for 103 Countries

Oman Announces No Visa for 103 Countries On the 9th of December 2020, the Government of Oman spoke about tourist facilities in the country. After the decision by the government, Police of Oman declared that the government would exempt nationals of 103 exempted for ten days. By which these 103 countries won’t get tourist support. The entry can be possible only under certain circumstances and conditions, which will include:  The reservation of the hotel must […] Read More

Time Travel Turtle and Me

If you have been reading me for long now you would know by now that I am a budget traveler. Some of my well wishers call me time travel turtle as I travel a lot but very meticulous and slow when it comes to planning the itinerary. Since I spend tons of time on research many of my travelers friends and family request me to share my planning with them. Later on, a few months […] Read More

Adventure Filled Journey with Family on Bikes

Family on bikes is a super interesting concept that talks all about family adventures. Families going on bike adventures is the most fun thing. Travelling necessarily need not be only via plane or car or any other forms of land transport that involves luxury. Family on bikes can go on travel journeys to several places with great fun . Family on bikes is all about spending a wonderful family time, making memories while you travel. […] Read More

NY City Mama Travels to Showcase the Best in Town

NYCITY MAMA is a travel blogger who is based out of New York, she travels around the city and shows you the best possible places to visit. You can go around all of these places if you are going there for the first time or already familiar with the place. New York is one of the most hot and happening cities around the world. It is famous for its brimming night-life, great Italian food, a […] Read More

Almost Fearless Comes with Conditions

When it comes to extensively travelling, I have learnt to be almost fearless. I would be honest with you and tell you my travel chronicles which have asked me to leave back my fears and move ahead to enjoy life on the edge. All places are not safe and there are risks which I had to take. But I always make sure my risks are calculated and I do not override my limits. Had I […] Read More

What a Trip that was!

What a trip that was ! Whenever I am relaxing with my friends and family and we share our travel experiences, many times we say what a trip it was. I have done many trips with my family, friends and even solo. Each time I have had experiences which I haven’t had previously. Each time I have come back I feel I have been enriched with knowledge and power. The three parts of Peru! Yet […] Read More

Tourist 2 Townie

Tourist 2 Townie is such a wonderful blog. A very unique and one of its kind that I have ever encountered while reading travel blogs. It talks about a regular guy doing his thing while he is not satisfied with it. He leaves everything and goes in search of substance and his purpose. He finds his purpose in travelling and in exploring different regions of the world and incorporating that lifestyle as his own. While […] Read More

Mom most Traveled 

Mom most travelled is a blog about a very hardworking mom who manages her work, side hustles and her 3 wonderful children. All of this with an unending love for travelling. She is as the name of her blog suggests the most travelled mom. She with the love of her life and three babies go on travel adventures across the globe. They love to explore and adventure together as a family and taking their kids […] Read More

Go Nomad and Enjoy

Go Nomad is a platform where you will find things related to beaches, snorkeling, rice farming, islands, foreign getaways and so on. It is a community of writers from Pioneer valley village who bonded over food, coffee and conversations. It’s a blog where best writings are published related to out of the world travel experiences, new takes on popular destinations and a lot more. It encourages 100s and 1000s of writers to share their travel […] Read More

Around the World in 80

Around the world in 80 days is an adventure comic novel which was written by the French writer Jules Verne. It was originally published in the year 1872. The name Around the world in 80 is coined because the story revolves around Phileas Fogg and his nephew. They both set out on an adventure to navigate the world in 80 days. They also have a fixed budget of some amount in which they decide to […] Read More

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