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Being in the Shoes of Nomadic Matt

When I was deciding what I should do with my life, various ideas came ticking my way. Off the various ideas that came to my mind one of them was being Nomadic Matt ! And why not be him and live a life like him . We all dream to visit unknown lands , see unknown faces, taste unknown flavors and click tons of photos in different dresses at exotics locations. Yes ! sounds like a dream right. It swayed me off my feet and I decided to walk the shoes of Nomadic Matt to do all these and make money having fun!

Hold on their for once !

Let me see! I questioned myself . Is it all fun and glorifying as it is shown or is there a black – grey side which I missed seeing . Right from there all the bubbles started bursting and here I am talking to you .

I will break open with the famous  lines “All that glitters is not gold”.  Life of travel enthusiast is not all that we see in their exciting videos. Most of us view these videos from a perspective to plan at trip but not from a proactive to make money out of it. Being Nomadic Matt and shooting to his level were about lot of scarifies and hard work. The travel influencer world is a saturated world not. Making a name in their flood would mean something totally out of the tin presentation.

Along with having great interpersonal skills, this job is quite demanding for many other qualities which you must posses. A great financial and network backing ia also something which one would need. Since I was there to make a living, I would expect some company to back me up to take this trip and showcase the world beautiful videos that I would shoot staying for days. And then would i be going alone. No shooting those 4k videos is not possible for my poor soul. I would be needing a equipped team with previous knowledge.

Since there was an entire world of items to set up before I could vlog about my vacation at the French Riveira, I thought this would not be my cup of tea and it decided to blog instead of vlog with the little experience that I have got over my years of exploring and tasting new locations.

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