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Almost Fearless Comes with Conditions

When it comes to extensively travelling, I have learnt to be almost fearless. I would be honest with you and tell you my travel chronicles which have asked me to leave back my fears and move ahead to enjoy life on the edge. All places are not safe and there are risks which I had to take. But I always make sure my risks are calculated and I do not override my limits.

Had I not been fearless , I would have missed out –

Almost fearless I choose Thailand- Thailand has been ranked on the lower level especially Bangkok when it came to solo travelers. When I did my research there were many times I thought to myself to drop off Bangkok but I went ahead, reassured myself and thought to take the leap. There are some particular regions of Thailand , especially some streets in Bangkok which I had to skip off to stay protected. But I could strike off Thailand totally. The mesmerizing beaches and the heap beaches have always been inviting me to them .

How to be almost fearless, yet holding some fear to be safe in foreign land-

  • Research- knowledge is always good. Having enough knowledge can never make you go wrong. Research as much as you can. Find out which areas you can avoid. Study about the kind of crimes that go around the areas so that you remain aware and your body and mind signals you if you feel something is not right.
  • Emergency numbers- another tip which can be handy in crisis is having some contact points if you get into trouble.
  • Carry a torch and a power bank always- if there is light there is escape. A torch can save you in troubled times and a power bank to keep your cell phone on.
  • I have always believed in my instincts- I have always followed my feelings. If i feel that I do not get a positive feeling I do not approach it anymore.

There is tiny difference between taking the risk and being safe, know the line for yourself to be almost fearless.

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