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                         2 Backpackers on a dangerous Hill

Based on true story, me and my cousin decided to hike one morning. Got our backpacks and headed towards a hill in Khanspur. Now 2 backpackers are going to climb a straight dangerous hill. Hill was located on the side of famous track called loop. It was 2km hill with rocky surface. My cousin was bit scared as that area was famous for leopards’ sightings and was full of different types of insects. Stopped in nearby shop got some water bottles and some snacks. Now the texture of the hill was very rocky with no trees, which was a drawback. It took us nearly 20 minutes to cover half the distance and the hill was less than 2km.

Finally, after 50 minutes of trying reached in top of the hill it was large plain covered in trees and large rocks. Now as we were wandering spider landed on shoulder of my cousin which had him in fear, and he was running around I warded off the spider of his shoulder, he was near to falling off the cliff.

Now the biggest problem we faced was there was dense forest ahead us with no clue of population, and we couldn’t go down the hill as it was so difficult. Now after scary 10-15 minutes walking, we rested on some huge rocks had some snacks and moved forward again after 10 minutes of moving no clue of any building scared us to run. Now we decided that first we will go in right direction then on straight. After moving 5 minutes to right side we saw the building of the school which was so satisfying we run towards its boundary but it was covered by spikes in order to prevent it from animals. We both took a large branch of tree and start digging beneath the fence after 10 minutes it was in position that we could prone. Finally, we were inside school. Ran towards the main gate in fear of getting caught. After getting out we were laughing and headed towards our home with a great memory.

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